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Your intentions are good. You care about your skin, and you treat it right—no grainy scrubs or harsh cleansers, lots of moisture and sunscreen, and a nightly dose of your favorite retinoid. But chances are you’re still doing a few things wrong.

1.Overusing your Clarisonic. We love the Clarisonic. It’s a great cleansing and exfoliating tool but should only be used 1 time a day. Overindulgence can cause inflammation.

2. Applying sunscreen once a day. Sunscreen will protect your skin for two hours—that’s it. If you want coverage until sundown, you have to reapply. We love Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection SPF 30 and Intellishade SPF 45– you can reapply and stay protected all day without disrupting your makeup.

3. Picking at skin. You feel like the faster you “pop” your pimple the faster it will heal. The truth is most people end up with worse redness, crusting, and scarring that lasts even longer than a pimple.

4. Not using a moisturizer because you think it will make you break out. This is a common misconception that is completely false. Your skin needs a natural oil barrier to protect it from bacteria and infection. When the oil is stripped and not replaced with a moisturizer your body goes into hyper drive and starts to produce more oil. So in fact, when you apply a moisturizer your skin will adjust and decrease the natural oil production.


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