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Before coming to work in a dermatology office, I was under the impression that African-Americans were immune to skin cancer and sunburns. I mean think about it, have you ever heard of any person of color complain of sunburns or tell you that they had to get their skin cancer treated?! Before reading about Bob Marley having melanoma, I couldn’t even tell you what a skin cancer was. If it didn’t affect me, then I was not worried about it. Well…..turns out that because of Bob Marley’s melanoma being diagnosed too late, we in the African-American community should be doing all that we can to prevent other occurrences in ourselves and our family members. How do we start? The first step in prevention is…wait for it…SUNSCREEN!!! Yes, we need sunscreen and our kids do too. Though we are naturally tan, it is possible for us to get a sunburn and so we need every kind of protection from the sun that we can get. I know that picking the right sunscreen can be overwhelming but the good news is that fancy does not always equal better. As someone who has tried a lot of sunscreen, I find that I like the ones that are light and smell pleasant. I do not like the feel of having something heavy sitting on my skin and I do NOT want to smell like a chemical plant!!! My favorite sunscreen is made by Revision. It’s a light sunscreen that can be used all over the body and it smells great! Anyway, I can go on and on about which sunscreens are better but that’s not the point. This blog is to bring your attention to the importance of wearing sunscreen and protecting yourself from the sun. If you are not already wearing it, get started today. Picking the right one can be a process but it must be done!



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