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Winter weather and celebrations can take a toll on your skin. Here are four helpful tips to ensure beautiful glowing skin this holiday season!

1) Silkpeel Infusion Microdermabrasion (5-7 days before event) – If your complexion is looking dull, you need a fully customizable facial treatment. The Silkpeel uses a diamond tip that sloughs off dead skin cells while infusing a solution based on your skin type. We offer vitamin C infusion to target pigment, hyaluronic infusion for dryness, or salicylic infusion for acne- prone skin. There is no downtime and you’re left with fresh pre- party skin!


2) Mask (2 days before)-You can prep your skin a couple days before an event by incorporating an exfoliating mask to your nightly routine. We love the Revision Finishing Touch containing natural ingredients such as freshwater silt, volcanic sand, pumice stone, and shea butter that help remove dry dull skin cells and hydrate your skin.

3) Hydration (day of event) – Our skin is our largest organ and the last to receive hydration from the water we drink. If your skin is dehydrated or flaky try implementing a hyaluronic acid serum into your daily routine.  Hyaluronic acid, a natural skin component, is water- loving and holds 3,000 times its body weight. It creates a cushion for the skin to plump up fine lines and wrinkles so you look refreshed. SkinCeuticals B5 gel or SkinMedica Hydrating Complex are both rich in hyaluronic acid to prevent us from dry, flaky skin in the winter.

4) Massage (day of event) – Prep your skin with a stimulating massage. As we age, less and less blood circulates to the skin. It leaves us with a dull and washed out appearance. Treat yourself to a massage to stimulate blood circulation and provide you with well nourished skin.

 Make your skin shine this holiday season, and enjoy whatever festivities come your way!             


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