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You would think the threat of skin cancer, surgery, scars, and death would motivate your teens to wear sunscreen. Surprisingly, the threat of wrinkles, brown spots, and looking old is much more of a motivator!

According to a study just published this year in The American Academy of Dermatology, you’ll be most effective if you talk to your teen about how the sun will make their skin look prematurely old.

The peak collagen production is 21 years old so after their 21st birthday their ability to avoid wrinkles goes down dramatically. We frequently see fine lines appearing in our 18-20 year old patients. The #1 thing to avoid wrinkles is to wear sunscreen!






Another study, in The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, examined what was behind the differences in identical twins’ appearances. As you can see, one twin has much more pigmentation and wrinkles.  It was determined that lifestyle choices play the biggest role in how one will age, especially smoking, sun exposure, stress levels and alcohol use.

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Our Favorite Sunscreens for Teens

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