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Laser hair removal is a fabulous treatment that gives you smooth skin without the worry of having to shave. Although this treatment is a great convenience treatment it is also the only long term solution for perifoliculitis (ingrown hairs and razor bumps) and irritation from shaving.

We see patients who struggle with ingrown hairs and shaving irritation on their face, neck, underarms, bikini, etc and we always recommend a series of laser hair removal treatments.


Laser hair removal works by selectively targeting the melanin in the hair follicle and leaves the surrounding tissue untouched. The Alexandrite laser and the Nd:Yag are the two gold standard laser devices for laser hair removal on all skin types.


Unfortunately, laser hair removal does not work on hair that doesn’t have melanin (pigment) in it. So blond, gray, and white hairs are not a candidate for laser hair removal and should consider electrolysis.

We offer complimentary consultations if you are considering laser hair removal!

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