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At home:

  1. Apply sunscreen every morning and reapply every 80 minutes. We love Supergoop Hand Cream SPF 40! It combines antioxidants and sunscreen for double protection.
  2. Keep hands moisturized. When the hands are dry, they look dull and older. Supergoop Hand Cream is still great.. also try Cetaphil Therapeutic Hand Cream which is especially good for red, chapped hands.
  3. Exfoliate your hands with an AHA scrub to remove dead skin cells and improve pigment. Revision’s Skin Resurfacer contains 25% glycolic acid, so it’s potent and gets results quickly.
  4. Use a retinoid at night. Our Tretinoin “green gel” is prescription level for real collagen- boosting results.

supergop hand                  cetaphil              resurfacer             green gel


At Audubon Dermatology:

  1. Have a skin texture treatment with the Genesis laser to stimulate collagen and tighten crepey skin.
  2. Get Injectable filler to volumize.
  3. Remove brown spots and sun damage with a series of IPL laser treatments.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Before and After Pictures New Orleans, LA                                     Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Before and After Pictures New Orleans, LA
Before IPL          After IPL                                         Before filler        After filler


Purchase a 10 oz Supergoop Hand Cream SPF 40 and receive a 1 oz travel size (great to keep in your purse) for FREE!

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