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Itchy, scaly, dull, rough, tight… these are all words associated with dry skin. Low humidity along with long hot baths or showers combine to create havoc on the skin. Here are some skin tips that will keep your skin soft, supple, and itch free this winter.

1) Don’t take hot showers; instead try warm showers. Scorching water has a tendency to    strip the body of its moisturizing properties and oils, leaving skin dehydrated. Keep the temperature warm and don’t exceed 5- 10 minutes in the shower. When drying off, pat dry instead of intense rubbing.

2) For your face, pick a soap-free cleanser like our Audubon Gentle Foamy Cleanser that contains soothing agents to calm skin and also helps remove surface dirt and oil. We love pairing this cleanser with a Clarisonic Cleansing brush to guarantee a deep clean allowing our moisturizing products to penetrate more effectively. The Clarisonic sensitive brush head is ideal for dry skin especially in our climate. For normal to oily skin we recommend SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture. For very dry delicate skin we recommend Cetaphil or Cerave.

Clarisonic-can-help-acne-prone-skin-acne-expert               clarisonic brush

3) For body, gentle cleansers like Dove, Cerave, and Aveeno are less harsh.Moisturizers lock in water so it is best to apply moisturizing products directly after cleansing or a showering to trap moisture. Some of our favorite body moisturizers are:

Theraplex Clear Lotion ,an oil applied directly on damp skin, is great for men and those who don’t like the consistency of cream.

Cerave Cream  which contains waxy lipid molecules called ceramides that hold on to water and help ingredients penetrate the skin.

SkinCeuticals Body Retexturing Treatment contains Urea and aminosulfonic acid which exfoliate and hydrate bumpy skin simultaneously

4) Another way to keep skin looking invigorated is invest in a humidifier to help provide moisture in the air while you sleep. Limit sitting to close to a fireplace or heater for long periods of time which also attributes to dry skin.

5) Hydrate Hydrate! Avoid too much intake of alcohol and caffeine during the holidays because they are also dehydrating agents. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water a day. Fun it up and squeeze a lime or lemon wedge for extra flavor!



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