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    Enjoy your Spring Break, but come back rested and younger!

  1. Apply SPF 30 water resistant sunscreen to your entire body 30 min before going out. It takes one ounce to cover your body. Avoid the sun from 10AM – 2 PM when the suns’ rays are the most harmful.
  2. Relax under an umbrella.
  3. Feel fab in a wide brim hat!
  4. Get a spray tan or apply self tanner to achieve that golden glow without giving you wrinkly, damaged skin. Please do not go the tanning bed before beach vacation.
  5. Remember to reapply sunscreen to your entire body every 80 minutes while outside. If you use a spray, be sure to rub it in to your skin after applying for best results. We love Supergoop and Elta MD.

Supergoop pump SPF 50- plenty for kids and family!
Elta Sport SPF 50– great beach protection and doesn’t burn eyes!
Supergoop Lip SPF 30 – contains Shea butter to soothe, protect, and hydrate lips.



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