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Brown Spots & Hyperpigmentation

Brown Spots & Hyperpigmentation in New Orleans, LASun exposure leads to increased pigment and cause hyperpigmentation, or “sun spots.” It’s important to know that even though sun spots are caused by sun exposure, hormones can play a role, too. Based on the severity and cause of the pigmentation problem, we can customize hydroquinone and retinol containing bleaching cream right in the office. Prevention is the key. Sunscreen is so important!

Other pigmentation treatments we offer include:

We are grateful to be back in the office serving our patients. We continue offering the highest standards of cleanliness, safety and sanitation including: Prescreening phone calls prior to appointments, temperature checks and screening upon arrival, and seeing patients on a limited basis only to minimize occupancy.

The safety of our patients and staff continues to be a top priority. Please call us at 504-895-3376 to schedule an appointment today.