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Pediatric Dermatologyin New Orleans, LA | Audubon Dermatology

Pediatric Dermatologyin New Orleans, LA | Audubon Dermatology

Pediatric Dermatology

Children are welcome at Audubon Dermatology. As a child grows and develops, it is likely that rashes, skin growths, and pigment change will occur. Dr. Hooper and Dr. Jackson are experienced in treating pediatric dermatology concerns in children of all ages and are here to care for and treat your child’s skin.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis, also known as Eczema, is a chronic skin disorder that affects 15-20% of children in the United States. It causes inflamed, itchy rashes that can appear anywhere on the body and are sometimes associated with asthma and food allergies. If rashes are left untreated, they can lead to infection. Eczema is not contagious and often improves with age. Dr. Hooper and Dr. Jackson will discuss lifestyle changes that can improve your child's moisture content, and may prescribe topical, oral, or injectable treatments for more serious cases.


Birthmarks are marks on the skin that are present at birth or appear shortly after birth. Birthmarks come in many shapes and colors, and may affect self-esteem depending on their size and location. Some birthmarks fade away on their own over time, while some may be present for life.

Congenital nevi are brown birthmarks that consist of a cluster of pigment producing cells called melanocytes. They are generally harmless, although large birthmarks (larger than the size of a fist) are more likely to become cancerous. A brown birthmark that appears to change in color or appearance should be assessed by a doctor and a biopsy may be necessary to rule out skin cancer.

Hemangiomas are vascular birthmarks, meaning that they consist of blood vessels close to the skin’s surface.  They may appear several weeks after birth and can have a spongy appearance (also known as strawberry marks). They may appear pink, red, blue, or purple in color and are raised above the skin. Most often they are found on the head, neck or limbs. Some shrink away on their own (rapidly involuting), while others continue to grow as the child grows (non-involuting). Laser treatments are usually the most effective treatment for red birthmarks, sometimes combined with oral or topical medications.

Port-wine stains are vascular birthmarks that are flat and consist of dilated blood capillaries. They sometimes contain underlying tissue abnormalities, so they should always be examined by a board-certified dermatologist. These may enlarge over time and respond most effectively to laser treatments.

Sun Protection in Children

Sun protection for children is incredibly important. Avoidance of mid-day sun exposure, along with the utilization of sun protective clothing and broad spectrum, water resistant SPF 30 or higher are the key to properly protecting your children from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Always remember to reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours.

Deirdre Hooper, MD, and Sarah Jackson, MD, offer technologically advanced comprehensive skin care for men and women in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, and the nearby communities of Louisiana. Contact us to schedule a skin exam for your child. 

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