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Tattoo Removalin New Orleans, LA | Audubon Dermatology

Tattoo Removalin New Orleans, LA | Audubon Dermatology

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser Tattoo Removal is a technique that breaks down the pigment of ink in your tattoo. You no longer have to live with that bad decision you made years ago! Our Cutera Enlighten laser combines two wavelengths (1064 nm + 532 nm) and dual pulse duration for effective treatments on all skin tones.

Am I a candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Today’s technologies for Laser Tattoo Removal are quite effective for most pigments that are used, as well as older tattoos. Newer tattoos, or those that have developed scarring may be more challenging to remove.

How does the Cutera Enlighten laser work?

Our Enlighten laser is absorbed by the pigments of the tattoo, and the thermal energy causes these pigments to break down and be absorbed by the body. Newer tattoos and those with multiple colors in the design often require more treatments over time a longer period of time.

What is recovery like after Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tenderness, redness, swelling, and blistering are commonly experienced after a Laser Tattoo Removal treatment. Proper wound care maintenance is extremely important after treatment to prevent infection and scarring.

What is my next step?

Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Medical Aestheticians to see if you are a candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal. We offer several payment options for your convenience, and you may qualify for financing through CareCredit®.

Before and After Photos

Deirdre Hooper, MD, and Sarah Jackson, MD, offer technologically advanced comprehensive skin care for men and women in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, and the nearby communities of Louisiana. To to learn more about our laser tattoo removal treatments, contact us to schedule a consultation.




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